Regional Course on SNA 2008 (Special Topics): Improving Exhaustiveness of GDP Coverage

[31 August – 4 September 2015, Daejeon, Republic of Korea]
Country Reports & Country Presentations
Bangladesh   pdf   pdf
Cambodia   pdf   pdf
India   pdf   pdf
Iran   pdf   pdf
Indonesia   pdf   pdf
Republic of Korea   pdf   pdf
Lao PDR   pdf   pdf
Maldives   pdf   pdf
Malaysia   pdf   pdf
Mongolia   pdf   pdf
Nepal   pdf   pdf
Pakistan   pdf   pdf
Philippines   pdf   pdf
Thailand   pdf   pdf
Vietnam   pdf   pdf
2008 SNA    
Consumer Loans Surge Across Asia (pdf)    
Insurance in Asia-Astounding Claims-The Economist (pdf)
2008 SNA Implementation Guidelines    
The Non-Observed Economy    
Estimating GDP in small economies (pdf)    
Data Quality Assessment Framework (DQAF) for National Accounts Statistics (pdf)    
Changes to National Accounts: Inclusion of Illegal Drugs and Prostitution in the UK National Accounts  (pdf)  
Price and volume index numbers (pdf)    
Blog on value of prostitution (pdf)