Regional Training on Producing Register-based Population Statistics in Developing Countries e-Learning Module (Online)

Sessions: 23-27 September 2013  
Taught In: English
Course Objectives

The main objective of the training is to improve practical knowledge and skills of official statisticians in producing register-based population statistics. Specifically, the training aims to
(i) increase understanding of the use of administrative sources for improving availability and quality of population statistics;
(ii) improves practical knowledge in the basic requirements for structuring a system to produce register-based population statistics; and
(iii) increase skills in using statistical methods for producing population statistics from administrative sources.

Structure of the Course

The e-learning module consists of three lessons, three quizzes and final test. Participants are required to start with lesson one and can proceed to the next lessons only after completing quiz after each lesson. After completing quiz for lesson three on “using administrative data in production of population statistics; register-based surveys”, participants are ready to take the course-completion test. To secure the qualifying score of minimum 80% in the test, participants are allowed to take the test as many times as they like. By securing minimum 80% score in the test and completing all three quizzes, participant will be qualified for the F2F module of the training.

Training activities and expected time (in hours) required for each
Lesson/assignment Activity Time (hours)


  • Introduction to the course, navigating, downloading, etc.
  • 1.5 
  • 0.5


  • Introduction to administrative sources; basic concepts, uses and quality aspects
  • 1.5


  • General preconditions for using administrative sources for producing population statistics
  • 1


  • Lesson3. Using administrative data in production of population statistics; register-based surveys
  • 1
  • Course-completion test
  • 1


  • 5