Fourth Basic-level e-Learning Course on System of National Accounts

Sessions: 21 October - 20 December 2013 (9 weeks long)  
Taught In: English
Course Objective

With the general goal of strengthening the capacity of national statistical offices in compilation of national accounts (according to 2008 SNA), this is designed to provide, in particular, a detailed description and underlying principles of the structure and content of the integrated sequence of accounts of the SNA, in terms of nominal and real measures of the constituent macro-economic aggregates.

Structure of the Course

The duration of the course will be 9 weeks – from 21 October – 20 December 2013. The course materials consist of a compilation of notes meant for reading, called “Reading Material”, and separate groups of PowerPoint presentations for each lesson. The entire course is divided into six topics.
The course covers six main topics and is divided into nine lessons. Participants will start with the first topic. After completion of lessons of each topic, the participants are required to take an on-line test. In all, the participants have to take six on-line lesson completion tests. Each of these tests will be conducted with a fixed set of questions. Participants may take each of these tests as many times as they like. After each attempt, participants would be informed of their scores.
After having registered themselves for the course, participants would be able to access the training materials at anytime during the course and from any place with connectivity to the Internet. Thus, how to use their time during the 9 weeks’ duration of the course would be left entirely up to the participants.
During the course, the participants would be required to take the lessons in a prescribed sequence. After completion of each lesson, they would be required to take a lesson-completion test and secure 80 per cent score in order to get access to the presentations and lesson-completion test question set for the next lesson. Besides, the participants would be required to submit three assignments during the course and take an end-of-course final examination.
Participants would be able to interact with the course conductors through ‘question & answer’ forum, while the course conductors would check the assignments and return them to the participants pointing out the mistakes and commenting on where they are lacking. In all, the participants are expected to devote about 40 hours during the 9 weeks’ period for completing the course. SIAP expects the nominating agencies to take note of and acknowledge the time required for taking the course and support the participants in all possible way for successfully completing the course.