First Intermediate-level e-Learning Course on System of National Accounts

Sessions: 3 June - 9 August 2013 (10 weeks long)  
Taught In: English
Course Objectives

The objective of the course is to provide a detailed description and underlying principles of the structure and content of the sequence of accounts of SNA, in terms of nominal and real measures of the constituent macro-economic aggregates. This course is designed for junior- and middle-level government statisticians who are well-versed on the basic concepts of SNA at the level of the e-learning courses on basics of SNA conducted by SIAP in November – December 2011, August – September 2012 and November 2012 – January 2013. Those with long experiences in compiling national accounts may also find the course useful for updating their knowledge on the 2008 SNA.

Structure of the Course

The course consists of eight lessons on the transaction accounts of the system of national accounts. Participants are required to start with the first lesson, which is in fact a recapitulation of the basic concepts of the SNA covered in the recently-conducted basic-level e-learning courses of SIAP.
After completion of each lesson, the participants are required to take an on-line lesson completion test. They will be permitted to access materials of a lesson only after scoring 80 per cent in the lesson-completion test of the preceding lesson. In all, the participants have to take eight on-line Lesson-Completion Tests. To secure the qualifying score of 80%, participants are permitted to take each of these tests as many times as they like. Each of these tests are consists of a fixed set of questions, which are also included in the Reading Materials.