Sixth Basic-Level e-Learning Course on Introduction to System of National Accounts (2008 SNA)

Course at a Glance

Sessions: 8 September - 7 November 2014 (9 weeks long)  
Workload: 4-6 hours/week
Taught In: English
* Participation in this course is by invitation.
About the course

This course aims to introduce the basic tenets of the 2008 System of National Accounts (SNA2008) to junior statisticians engaged in some aspect of compiling national accounts statistics or data collection of its source statistics. Statisticians intending to broaden their knowledge of official economic statistics and considering work in national accounts statistics will benefit from this introductory course.
This online course will be conducted over a period of nine weeks. During this period, participants will have access to learning materials that will be posted on the course website. The materials will include reference notes, power point slides and a set of assignments. Course lecturers will guide participants by responding to queries and problems that participants encounter in their learning and grading and providing feedback to course assignments.


Experience in the compilation of official statistics is a basic prerequisite for this course. Participants must also have basic knowledge of sources of data for these statistics and have some practical experience in some aspect of the processes comprising the compilation of national accounts.


Three modes of assessments will be used. Six lesson completion tests will be given at end of each lesson. To be able to proceed to the next lesson, participants are required to pass each lesson completion test with a minimum score of 60%. Three assignments will be given at the end of lessons III, IV and VI.
A final 75-minute test will be administered at the end of the course. To take this test, participants are required to have successfully completed the six on-line lesson completion tests with a minimum qualifying score of 60%. Participants who obtain an overall rating of 80% will be given a certificate of completion.

Lesson Number Lesson Lesson Objectives


  • Introduction to SNA
  • The main objective of the lesson is to describe the SNA 2008 as an integrated system of economic accounts session. It introduces concepts of the system of national accounts as a general framework for economic statistics.


  • Macro-economic framework
  • Main objective of the lesson is to explain links between general macro-economic identities such as income, production and GDP to income and production accounts of the SNA 2008. The lesson introduces the structure of an economic system using principles of the circular flow of income and economic agents, and how they are reflected in the SNA.


  • SNA Institutional Sectors
  • The main objective of the lesson is to describe the institutional sectors of the economy within the context of the SNA 2008. This lesson defines all key institutional sectors such as government households, financial and non-financial corporations, non-profit institutions serving households plus their activities. It introduces concepts of establishments and classifications used in the SNA 2008.


  • Flows and Stocks
  • A key learning objective of the lesson is to discuss concepts of transactions, their measurement, valuation and flow within the structure of the SNA. At the end of the lesson, participants are expected to identify and differentiate flows and stocks as they relate to economic transactions.
  • Relationship Between SNA Aggregates – Main Identities
  • This lesson draws from the general Macro-Economic framework (Lesson II) and to establish linkages of the key macro-economic identities to the framework of the SNA 2008. The learning objective of this lesson is to review linkages between macroeconomic aggregates and the SNA framework.


Sequence of Accounts
  • A key objective of this lesson is to explain the structure and flow of the SNA accounts. Relationships of balancing items across the accounts and their corresponding components will be examined in detail.