Regional Workshop on Data Dissemination and Communication

20-22 June 2012, Manila, Philippines

Thirty-two data dissemination and communication experts from statistical offices of 26 countries shared experiences and practices on emerging trends and strategies in web-based data dissemination, data exchange, data hubbing, and integrating statistical and geospatial information from 20-22 June in Manila, Philippines at a regional workshop organized by the United Nations Statistics Division and the Philippine National Statistical Coordination Board (PNSCB).
Offline or online? Dynamic or static? Fee or for a fee? Tables or visualizations? Proprietary or open source? Social networking? In discussing challenges in promoting data and data dissemination policies, the workshop participants dealt with these issues and shared practical solutions taken by their agencies.
The use of data visualization tools for producing highly interactive graphics at the UK Office of National Statistics, the integration of statistical and geospatial information as a means to disseminate data by IBGE of Brazil, the national data warehouse of India, dynamic publishing for data engagement of Australia, and the application of SDMX-based solutions for data exchange in Cambodia were some of the notable presentations at the workshop.
The workshop ended on a note of high hopes that emerging user needs and requirements can be met with appropriate guiding frameworks, applications of information and communication technologies and a mutually beneficial relationship among providers and users of data and statistics. In his closing remarks, Dr Romulo Virola, Secretary-General of the PNSCB, called on regional and global “partners led by the UN Statistics Division, the SIAP, ESCAP, ADB, PARIS21, and bilateral partners including Australia, New Zealand, UK, Japan, Korea, to continue to guide us and to empower us in this very interesting journey of national statistical systems towards efficient and effective data dissemination and communication.”