Sub-regional Training Workshop on the 2010 Population and Housing Census Data Analysis for Planners

13 – 17 August 2012, Suva, Fiji

Course Objective: The main objective is to enhance skills of government statisticians and officials engaged in development planning and policy-making in using population and housing census data in sub-national and sectoral planning and policymaking in the Pacific region. Specifically, the workshop aims to:
- increase understanding of the use of census data in development planning and decision-making;
- improve skills in applying tools for extracting needed information from census data relevant to development planning and;
- improve skills in use and analysis of census data relevant for planning and policymaking purposes.
Target participants:
1. Government officials engaged in formulating plans and policies or implementing and monitoring development programmes at the sub-national level; and 2. Senior-level government statisticians (Core Skill Level 4/5 as defined in the Core Skills Framework of SIAP*) engaged in planning and organizing census operations and knowledgeable in the main statistics and indicators derived from the census and in framing of strategies for dissemination of census results. The current training workshop is designed with participants from countries in the Pacific in mind- specifically, participants from Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga will be selected through a nomination process. The training workshop will be conducted by UNFPA and SIAP in collaboration with the ESCAP Pacific Office, the University of South Pacific and the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.