Introduction to the System of National Accounts (2008 SNA)- An e-Learning Course

August - September 2012

The Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP-SIAP), in collaboration with the Tokushima University, is conducting a two-months’ e-Learning Course on the System of National Accounts 2008 from 1st August 2012. The course, originally scheduled to be completed on 30th Sept., has been extended by two weeks to compensate for the delay caused by technical problems.
This is an internet-based guided learning course, conducted utilizing the distance training system developed by Tokushima University, a national university in Japan. As laid down in the SIAP Strategic Plan 2010-2014, conducting such e-learning courses has become a part of SIAP’s training programme on official statistics, supplementing its regular Tokyo-Metropolitan-Area based training courses and outreach programme. The present course is the second e-learning course on the SNA conducted by the SIAP. The content and guidance modality of this course is developed based on the lessons learnt from the SIAP’s first e-learning course on the SNA conducted in Nov.-Dec. 2011.
The main objective of the course is to strengthen the capacity of national statistical offices in compilation of national accounts. The course provides an overview of the 2008 SNA as a framework for macroeconomic statistics. It is designed for junior-level government statisticians engaged in national accounts compilation and use of economic statistics or performing tasks relating to compilation of national accounts. It is also expected to benefit other officials uninitiated in the SNA. Those with long experiences in compiling national accounts may also find the course useful for updating their knowledge on the 2008 SNA.
The invitation to the course was received with eager interest by the member states and as many as 152 nominations from 22 different countries were received for the course. However, owing to limited capacity of guiding the participants, the number of participants was restricted to 52 officials. Of these, about 40 participants are expected to successfully complete the course. After going through all the lessons and submitting the assignments, the participants are requested to take a test. Those able to score 60 per cent or more in three attempts would be awarded a certificate of successful completion. All the others taking the test would be given a certificate of participation.
The SIAP intends to conduct the same course during November and December 2012.