Country Training Workshop on Introduction to STATA Software for Data Analysis

12 – 20 September 2012, Male’, Maldives

The Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP), in collaboration with the ESCAP Statistics Division (ESCAP-SD) and the Department of National Planning (DNP), Government of Maldives, conducted a Country Training Workshop on Introduction to STATA Software for Data Analysis from 12-20 September 2012. The DNP and SIAP consider the training of officials of the statistical offices in the Government of Maldives on STATA software for survey data analysis of utmost importance for strengthening the statistical capability of the country.
The main objectives of the training workshop were to
• introduce participants to basic commands of Stata software and concepts and definitions of complex survey design;
• enhance skills of participants in methods of descriptive analysis and basic inferential analysis of data from household surveys with complex design; and
• increase knowledge and enhance ability of participants, through including hands-on practices and group projects, to utilize Stata software for descriptive and inferential analysis and presenting the results.
A total of 20 participants attended the training workshop; 13 from Statistics Division of DNP and 7 from Ministry of Health, Ministry of Fisheries, Customs, Faculty of Management and Computing, Maldives Island Revenue Authority and Maldives Monetary Authority. Through hands-on practices, all participants were able to apply the knowledge and skills gained during the training sessions using micro-data from Household Income and Expenditure Survey of Maldives. All participants evaluated the course as useful/very useful to their work assignment and about 90 per cent indicated that they are confident to apply the acquired skills to their work.