Regional Training Workshop on Use of Population and Housing Census Data for Local Development Planning

15 - 19 October 2012, Chiba, Japan

As part of the multi-year collaboration between UNFPA and SIAP on a series of regional and sub-regional workshops on utilizing census data as well as related data sources in the planning cycle, a regional training workshop was conducted during 15-19 October in Chiba, Japan. The workshop brought together 24 participants (20 government officials and four from UNFPA country offices) from seven countries in Asia. Each country had participants from the statistical office, national planning and local planning units, and country UNFPA offices. The main objectives of the workshop were to (i) increase understanding of the use of census data in local development planning and decision-making; (ii) improve skills in applying tools for extracting needed information from census data relevant to planning and; (iii) identify issues and problems in use and analysis of census data relevant for planning and policy-making purposes and propose actionable solutions.
The training sessions engaged participants in lectures and group discussions on: use of statistical data for local planning; local government planning process; mainstreaming gender in planning process; mapping the census questionnaire and data items to basic statistics and indicators for planning; and practices in dissemination and communication of census results. The training workshop also demonstrated the use of REDATAM for retrieving and presenting census data.
As the concluding activity of the workshop each country identified areas that need to be improved in relation to the topics covered in the workshop and proposed a results-based action plan to improve use of census data for local planning and policy making.