Fifth Regional Workshop on Statistical Quality Management and Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics: National Quality Assurance Frameworks, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

30 September – 3 October 2012, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

Objectives and Expected Results :
The workshop will provide a forum for discussing concepts and uses of quality assurance frameworks and facilitating understanding and application of the generic national quality assurance template and the associated tools and mechanisms for assuring quality. Participants will:
- Review the fundamentals of quality in statistical systems and the benefits of a national quality assurance framework; - Discuss the rationale, contents and uses of the generic national quality assurance framework template (g-NQAF);
- Map the g-NQAF to their existing quality frameworks or their quality concerns;
- Identify gaps and opportunities for improving current procedures and adopting and implementing the g-NQAF in their organizations; and
- Develop a plan of action for implementing an NQAF in their organizations as well as the larger national statistical system
Design of the Workshop:
Two-phased Workshop Design The workshop design requires participation in a pre-workshop assessment exercise and the main workshop itself, as follows:
Preparatory phase (to be completed by 24 September 2012): Mapping and assessment exercise of the feasibility of applying the g-NQAF in the participating national statistical organization. The workshop organizers will provide a tool to nominating organizations to be used for systematically mapping the g-NQAF to existing quality framework or procedures; participants will need to send the results of the exercise to SIAP by 24 September.
Main phase (30 September – 3 October 2012): Conduct of the workshop in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran. The workshop sessions will be a mix of learning activities, including: lecture presentations by experts; participant presentations and facilitated group discussions. Participants will present and discuss results of the mapping and assessment exercise as part of the workshop sessions. The workshop will be conducted in English.
Target participants:
SIAP will invite a limited number of statistical organizations in the ESCAP region to nominate one senior- or middle-level manager to participate in the workshop. Nominees must be responsible for developing and implementing quality assurance procedures in the organization and committed to carrying out the preparatory phase activities.
Invitations for the workshop have been extended to the heads of national statistical offices of the following 13 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Viet Nam. The host Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran was also invited to nominate qualified candidates to attend the workshop.