Second Regional Workshop on Production and Use of Vital Statistics: Applying tools and materials available to improve vital statistics

[2 - 6 December 2013, Daejeon, Republic of Korea]

To contribute to the initiatives at the global and regional levels to accelerate improvement of civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS), the United Nations Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP), and ESCAP Statistics Division, organized the 2nd regional workshop on Production and Use of Vital Statistics: From vital data to statistical tabulations. The workshop was organized, in collaboration with Statistics Korea, from 2 to 6 December 2013 in Daejeon, Republic of Korea with the objective of increasing the knowledge and improving skills of government statisticians in compiling, processing and assessing the quality of vital statistics, following internationally recommended principles and standards. Eleven senior statisticians and middle level managers from national statistical offices (Armenia; Cambodia; Hong Kong, China; Lao PDR; Malaysia; Mongolia; Republic of Korea; Sri Lanka; Timor-Leste; Uzbekistan; Viet Nam) and one expert from UNFPA country office in Timor-Leste gathered to (a) discuss fundamentals for establishing civil registration and vital statistics system; (b) exchange knowledge and experience on common challenges and possible solutions in using different sources of data for compilation and dissemination of vital statistics, and learn from good practices; (c) enhance their ability in producing basic vital statistics through hands on practices.