Second Intermediate-level e-Learning Course on System of National Accounts ESCAP-SIAP

[14 August – 20 December, 2013]

The Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP) of ESCAP conducted a eleven-weeks’ Second Intermediate-level e-Learning Course on the System of National Accounts 2008 (2008 SNA) from 14th October to 20 December 2013.
The SIAP has conducted its first intermediate-level course on the 2008 SNA during 03 June – 09 August 2013. The present course was the second intermediate-level e-learning course on the 2008 SNA. It was an Internet-based guided learning course. As laid down in the SIAP Strategic Plan 2010-2014, conducting such e-learning courses has become a part of SIAP’s training programme on official statistics, supplementing its regular Tokyo-Metropolitan-Area based training courses and outreach programme.
The main objective of the course was to strengthen the capacity of national statistical offices in compilation of national accounts. The course provided a detailed description and underlying principles of the structure and content of the integrated sequence of accounts of the SNA, in terms of nominal and real measures of the constituent macro-economic aggregates. It was designed for junior- and middle-level government statisticians who perform tasks relating to compilation and use of national accounts or regional (sub-national) accounts. The officials with long experiences in compiling national accounts also found the course useful for updating their knowledge on the 2008 SNA.
The participants of the course were selected from the 125 nominations from 19 different countries were received for the first course. Those who could not be accommodated in the first course were considered for selection for this course. Owing to limited capacity of guiding the participants, the number of participants was restricted to 34 officials. Of these, six did not even attempt to take the course, and two dropped out at a later stage. Thus, in all about 25 participants are expected to successfully complete the course.