The Network Creation for the Coordination of Statistical Training in Asia and the Pacific and its Organizational Meeting

[22 - 24 April 2014, Chiba, Japan]

The Organizational Meeting of the Network for the Coordination of Statistical Training in Asia and the Pacific was held 22 - 24 April 2014 in Chiba, Japan. The Network was established by the Bureau of the Committee on Statistics with the Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP) as its secretariat. The Network is aiming at facilitating information sharing and promoting coordination among national statistical training institutions, regional and international statistical training providers, and donor agencies providing funding for statistical training in the Asia-Pacific region.

Ten member States (Australia, China, Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Japan, Pakistan, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation and Thailand) and seven regional and international agencies (ADB, FAO, IMF, ISI, SPC, World Bank and USP) attended the meeting. India, New Zealand, Eurostat, Paris21, SESRIC and UNSD also signed on to the Network but were not able to participate. (Link to List of the Network Members)

The members agreed on a set of objectives, strategies and mechanisms for promoting coordination and facilitating information-sharing in support of the key regional statistics development programmes pursued by the Committee on Statistics. Towards this end, the Network adopted its 2014-2015 Work Programme that would:
• Develop, test and finalize tools and a systematic process for a coordinated regional statistical training needs assessment and analysis to be conducted in 2015
• Create a web-based platform to facilitate the sharing of existing training materials and a database of statistics experts/trainers and development of e-learning courses
• Establish a sub-group in support of the training component of the Asia-Pacific Regional Action Plan of the Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics

Member list