Strengthening the capacity to analyse disparities in support of inclusive development policies (PAMID-2)

[18 May – 26 June 2015, Chiba, Japan]

Twenty-three middle-level government statisticians from fifteen countries (Cameroon, Djibouti, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, Islamic Republic of Iran, Lesotho, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, South Sudan, Sudan, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Tuvalu) completed the Second Group Training Programme on Production and Statistical Analysis of Monitoring Indicators in Support of Inclusive Development Policies, Chiba, Japan, 18 May – 26 June 2015.
The six-week residential course enhanced the knowledge and skills of participants in using statistical techniques on survey data to analyse disparities and inequalities. Participants applied the acquired knowledge and skills on developing analytical research framework, preparing survey data for statistical analysis, selecting appropriate statistical methods for inequality analysis and writing an analytical research paper to microdata from their country household surveys.
At the closing ceremony of the course, Ms. Margarita F. Guerrero, Director of SIAP; Mr. Hirofumi Hoshi, Deputy Director General, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Tokyo International Center; and Mr. Makoto Totsuka, Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Government of Japan delivered congratulatory messages.
During the course, the participants visited Toyama prefecture to study statistical activities in local governments. Their visit was covered by local newspapers below.
The course was conducted by SIAP, in cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) of the government of Japan and the Asian Development Bank.

[THE KITANIPPON SHIMBUN 2015,6,12 the 3rd page]

23 officials from 15 countries visited Toyama Prefectural government and learnt its Retail Price Survey operations. Following the welcome remarks by Mr.Nitta, Director-General of Management and Administration department and Mr. Hiroyuki Kitada, Deputy-Director of Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP), Mr. Thabo Peter from Lesotho said few remarks"We'd like to utilize what we will learn here about statistical system and activities". A message card was presented to Mr.Nitta. SIAP training course is carried out from May 18 to June 26 in Chiba. Study trip to Toyama is on 11, 12th, with field observations of Retail Price Survey at a shopping mall.

[THE TOYAMA SHIMBUN 2015,6,12 the 2nd page]

23 SIAP training program participants visited Toyama prefecture government to deepen the understanding of Statistics Survey by the prefecture. The course is jointly conducted by SIAP and JICA, with officials from 15 countries. Mr. Nitta, Director-General of Management and Administration department mentioned that our policies are supported by statistics which help grasp the real picture and look ahead into the future. Following the remarks by Mr. Hiroyuki Kitada, Deputy-Director of Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP), Thabo Peter Rakhetsi from Lesotho mentioned "We'd like to make full use of knowledge we will gain here when we are back in our countries". They received lectures form the staff of Statistics Survey department. The group will do a field observation of Retail Price Survey, and visit UMEKAMA (Kamaboko company)