Training Programme on Climate Change Related Statistics and the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting for Pacific Island Countries

[17 - 21 September 2018 | Nadi, Fiji
The objectives of the workshop

• Improved understanding of ba sic concepts and framewor ks on statistics related to climate change and SEEA;
• To produce selected climate change-related indicators using national data, and acquire basic knowledge and skills on the SEEA accounting principles and identify basic data needs for compiling accounts;
• Facilitate experience shar ing among participating countr ies, and to understand country plans, and id entify opportunities fo r collaboration; and
• Promote the use of SEEA and climate change related statistics in policy formulation and monitoring

Concept Note
Course Materials
  1.1 Overview of Environment Statistics   pdf
  1.2 Climate change-related statistics overview   pdf
      1.2 Climate change-related statistics indicator exercise   pdf
     1_2_Climate_indicator_metadata_sheets   xls
   2.1 FDES: Chapter 3.4 Extreme Events and Disasters   pdf
     2_1_FDES Chapter 3.4 Exercises (Questions)   xls
     2_1_FDES Chapter 3.4 Exercises (Answers)   xls
  2.2 Physical supply and use tables   pdf
     2.2 Physical Flow Accounts (Exercises)   xls
 2.3 Water Accounts System of Environmental-Economic Accounting Central Framework (SEEA-CF)   pdf
      2.3: Water Accounts (Exercises)   xls
  3.1 Solid Waste Accounting System of Environmental-Economic Accounting Central Framework (SEEA-CF   pdf
     3.1: Water Accounts (Exercises)   xls
  3.2: Land Accounting   pdf
     3.2: Land Accounting (Exercises)   xls
  4.1: Overview of Energy Flow Accounts   pdf
     4.1: Overview of Energy Flow Accounts (Exercises)   xls
  4.2: Air emissions   pdf
     4.2: Air emissions (Exercises)   xls
  5. Ocean Accounts   pdf
  6.1  Diagnostic Tool and Policy Use   pdf
  6.2 Potential support – future SEEA production and use efforts   pdf
Country Presentations
Fiji  pdf Federated States of Micronesia   pdf
Kiribati  pdf Marshall Islands   pdf
Nauru  pdf Palau   pdf
Papua New Guinea  pdf Samoa   pdf
Solomon Islands  pdf Tonga   pdf
Vanuatu  pdf