Upcoming e-Learning Course

26 July -3 September 2021 | Online |
e-Learning Course on Disaster related statistics framework (Indonesia National )
This course introduces concepts relevant to compiling solid wastes accounts. The topics covered include physical supply and use tables, data sources, and country examples. Webinars will also be held as part of the course to provide an overview of the topics, allow participants to ask questions and share country experiences in compiling solid waste accounts.
30 August 1 october 2021 | Online |
e-Learning Course on Introduction to energy statistics and energy accounts
This course will focus on energy statistics and accounts, as well as some important energy aggregates and indicators (including SDGs). The energy accounts are based on the System for Environmental-Economic Accounting-Energy (SEEA-Energy) which is a multi-purpose conceptual framework for organizing energy-related statistics. It supports analysis of the role of energy within the economy, the state of energy inputs and various energy-related transactions of environmental interest. It is fully consistent with the SEEA Central Framework and follow a similar accounting structure to the System of National Accounts (SNA). By doing so, the SEEA-Energy allows us to develop indicators and conduct analysis on the economy-environment nexus, with a focus on energy.
27 September - 12 November 2021 | Online |
e-Learning course Foundational course on Statistical Business Register (SBR)
This course is designed to provide a strong conceptual and practical foundation required to build high quality SBRs. This will in turn facilitate the harmonization of integrated economic statistics in terms of coverage, statistical units, and frame methodology.