Macroeonomic statistics

22-23 February 2023 | Online

Webinar on 2008 SNA Implementation

The 2008 SNA is an update of the earlier version 1993 SNA; does not recommend fundamental or comprehensive changes; it is meant to be implemented in a flexible manner. New features of the 2008 SNA include the treatment and classification of assets; the financial sector; globalization and related issues; the general government and public sector; and the informal sector. Since 2009, ESCAP member countries have started implementing the 2008 SNA. Currently, various countries are introducing various aspects of the 2008 SNA gradually. Major challenges faced in the implementation could be listed as a) political support and commitment, b) data limitations, c) backcasting and d) communicating the 2008 SNA and technical expertise within statistical regions.more details...

20 - 24 January 2020, Chiba, Japan

Regional Course on Supply and Use Tables

The main objective of this course was to develop the knowledge and skills of participants on the compilation and dissemination of supply and use tables. Supply and Use tables serve as the basis for compilation of a range of accounts such as regional accounts, environments accounts labour accounts, tourism accounts and are used to validate / improve estimates of GDP. In the present context, these are also used for measuring the effect of globalization, digitization and sustainable development including wellbeing.more details...

31 August – 4 September 2015, Daejeon, Republic of Korea

Regional Course on SNA 2008 (Special Topics): Improving Exhaustiveness of GDP Coverage