Regional Training Workshop For Enhancing Statistical Leadership For Heads Of National Statistical Offices (NSOs) In Asia And The Pacific



02 to 06 September 2024

Ulaanbaatar , Mongolia


Regional Training

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This training will provide NSO heads with leadership skills to improve their effectiveness through greater awareness of their strengths and weaknesses and the challenges they face both internally within their organization and externally within the larger environment they are engaging with. Often, NSO heads rarely have the opportunity to receive extensive feedback from staff and stakeholders outside. It is necessary to have to open opportunity and understanding to build a comprehensive plan for driving success within the NSO and the NSS, and by extension the data ecosystem. Each individual has his/her own leadership style. Nurturing and developing these styles and skills with keen understanding and awareness of the challenges surrounding them will significantly improve their positive self-engagement, collaboration, and contribution to the field they are engaged in. Leadership can be nurtured and developed if it is enabled to flourish in each individual using best practices built around: (1) assessment tools to help leaders look within and examine their identity, leadership skills and challenges and set developmental goals; (2) challenge-oriented, experiential, team-based activities that leverage their own experiences in cocreating solutions to enhance leadership skills; and (3) support through a peer learning and mentoring model that enable leaders to share their challenges, utilize innovation techniques and chart a course for greater effectiveness. Self-knowledge is an important key to effective leadership.


Enhancing Statistical Leadership For Heads Of National Statistical Offices PDF

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