E-learning Course on Official Statistics for SDGs

Official Statistics for SDGThis e-learning course introduces fundamental knowledge on official statistics. This course will help you understand how to compile and monitor Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicators from official statistics.

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Module 1: What is Official Statistics and Why Official Statistics is Important?
• Definition and Roles
• History
• Evidence Based Policy Making and Official Statistics
• Generic Law on Official Statistics
• Source of Data
• Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics

   Statistical Repository of SDG


   Module 1: Interactive Lesson


   Module 1 Interactive slides (Download version)

Module 2: Statistical System of Official Statistics
• National Statistical Systems
• Generic Statistical Business Process Model
• National Strategy for the Development of Statistics
• Programming of National Statistical Activities
• Transformative Agenda
• Global Statistical System

   Module 2: Interactive Lesson


   Module 2 Interactive Slides (Download version)


Module 3: Quality and Communication of Official Statistics
• Concept and Frameworks
• European Statistics Code of Practice
• IMF’s Data Quality Assessment Framework
• Quality Assurance Framework of Canada
• UN National Quality Assurance Framework
• Communication


   Module 3: Interactive Lesson


   Module 3 Interactive Slides (Download version)

Module 4: Measurement Standards of Official Statistics
• Statistical Standards
• Classifications
• Survey Methodologies
• Statistical Registers
• Dissemination Methodologies
• Rough Sketch of Official Statistics by Scope

   Module 4: Interactive Lesson


   Module 4 Interactive Slides (Download version)

Module 5: Official Statistics Useful for SDGs
• Roles of Statistics for SDGs
• Organization for Compiling and Monitoring Indicators
• Indicator Examples
• Main Challenges
• Practices of Countries

   Module 5: Interactive Lesson


   Module 5 Interactive Slides (Download version)