Our Programmes

Focus of the training programmes is on monitoring of  Sustainable Development Goals  through global and national indicator frameworks for supporting decision- and policy-making.

   (i)   Long term training programmes have been designed to impart training on principles and practices in official statistics for all SDG related indicators.
   (ii)   Short term training programmes have been designed to impart training on (a) indicators relating to specific goals or domains, (b) strategic areas of management of national statistical systems, (c) adoption of modern data collection, processing, analysis and data visualization techniques and (d) use of big data and geospatial data for official statistics.
   (iii)   E-learning courses provide training on all the areas and domains of official statistics which make basis for the compilation of SDG related indicators.

  Principles & Practices of Official Statistics for SDG
  Strategic and management issues
           National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS)
           Statistical Leadership Training
           Quality of statistics
  Population and social statistics
           Poverty and inequality
           Justice and crime
  Economic statistics
           Macroeconomic statistics
           Business statistics
           Price statistics
  Agricultural and Rural Statistics
  Environment and Disaster statistics
            Envoronment accounts
  Methodology and statistical process
           Big Data and geospatial information
           Data processing and analysis
           Data dissemination and communication
           Data visualization
            Regional and small area statistics
  Training of Trainers
  Seminars & Meetings
           Governing council
           Network meeting
           Management seminar
           Forging Partnerships in Statistical Training
           ICT seminar