Fourth Meeting of the Network for the Coordination of Statistical Training in Asia and the Pacific

12 September | Chiba, Japan

The Network facilitates information sharing and promotes coordination among national statistical training institutions, regional and international statistical training providers, and donor agencies that provide funding for statistical trainings in the region

The Network established the Subgroup on Training for Agricultural and Rural Statistics to facilitate training coordination in this domain. The Network also founded the Subgroup on Training for Economic Statistics. With the recent development of needs for training on gender statistics, The Network establishment and the terms of reference of a new subgroup on Training for Gender Statistics.

Report of the Fourth Meeting of the Network

Meeting Materials

Provisional Agenda

Session 1: Development of Gender Statistics

 TOR and Workplan for the Subgroup on Gender Statistics


 Training Needs Assessment Survey result

Session 3: Possible Modalities for Accrediting Courses on Official Statistics in the Region

 Examples of accreditation

Session 4: Global Network of Institution for Statistical Training (GIST)

Report of establishment and progress

Session 5: Other Business

 Report of progress on economic statistics