Webinar on Measuring Digital Trade

6 March 2024 | online |

Target audience and main objectives

Target audience

The target audience for these webinars are entry, mid-level and high-level government officials with the responsibility for collection, compilation, and dissemination of international trade statistics. These include, national statistics offices (NSOs), ministries of foreign affairs and foreign trade, trade boards, Customs, Tax Offices, ministries of finance and central banks and similar organizations.  The webinar is also recommended for users of digital trade statistics and those interested in learning more about measuring digital trade. 

The main objectives of the webinar are:

  1. Establish the importance of digital trade. 
  2. Understand the conceptual framework for digital trade.  
  3. Introduce sources and methods for measuring digital trade. 
  4. Provide compliers range of examples and practical applications to start measuring digital trade. 
  5. Emphasize the importance of disseminating digital trade statistics from the policy perspective. 


Concept Note




Webinar recording 

Presentation files
This webinar will be organized on 6 March and will last for 2 hours.  It will commence with substantive presentations of the topics by experts followed by discussion session. The webinar will be conducted in English without interpretation. Participants will have an opportunity to interact with the presenters orally. 
Welcome remarks (SIAP)Mr. Seiji Takata, Ms. Pinar Ucar
Conceptual framework
  • Handbook on Measuring Digital Trade

Mr. Daniel Ker

Digital Economy and Policy Research Section


Country cases of data collection, compiling and  dissemination  
  • Malaysia’s Experience and Practice: Measuring Digital Trade

Ms. Norazlin Muharam


  • Measuring Digital Trade in Jamaica: An inventory of data sources

Mr. Esmond McLean

Central Bank of Jamaica 

  • Cross Border e-Trade Statistics 

Ms. Aylin Kolbasi



Mr. Caglayan Aslan

Ministry of Trade: Repubic of Turkiye

  • Measuring Digitally-ordered Merchandise Trade by GACC

Ms. Li Qian

The General Administration of Customs

People's Republic of China

Using digital trade statistics in policy making  
  • Some practical approaches in the absence of digital trade data

Ms. Witada Anukoowattaka

ESCAP Trade, Investment and Innovation Division