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In support of the capacity-building requirements of statistical institutions in implementing the 2008 SNA and the production of a core set of economic statistics endorsed by the ESCAP Committee on Statistics and the Commission, SIAP has ramped up its course offerings on economic statistics. The training programme on 2008 SNA offers basic and intermediate-level e-Learning courses twice a year and an annual regional training course on advanced topics. The programme on economic statistics addresses capacity-building priorities, such as statistical business registers and the informal economy.

19 July - 9 August 2021 | Online | Language: Russian

e-Learning Course on Introduction to the System of National Accounts (SNA 2008)[Введение в систему национальных счетов (СНС 2008)]

The objective of this e-Learning Course is to provide an understanding of the basic concept and framework of the System of National Accounts (SNA 2008) and demonstrate methods and techniques for the compilation of the integrated transaction accounts. Цель этого электронного курса обучения - дать понимание основной концепции и структуры Системы национальных счетов (СНС 2008) и продемонстрировать методы и приемы составления интегрированных счетов операций. Он предназначен для государственных статистиков младшего и среднего звена, знакомых с СНС или участвующих в сборе и компиляции статистических 2 данных, поддерживающих составление национальных счетов. Этот курс может оказаться полезным для пользователей статистики национальных счетов, не входящих в состав агентства, или тех, кто заинтересован в работе в этой области в будущем.

19 July - 27 August 2021 | Online |

e-Learning Course on International Accounts

This course is designed to create a strong foundation on International Accounts. The objectives of this course are to introduce the core concepts, methods and framework of international accounts and highlight foreign direct investment’s potential contributions to sustainable development.

24 November - 31 December 2020

e-Learning Course on International Accounts

This e-Learning course, developed by SIAP, provides a strong foundation on International Accounts based on Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual (BPM6). The aim of the course is to introduce participants the components of international accounts: International Investment Position (IIP), Balance of Payments (BOP) and Other changes in financial and liabilities accounts.


29 June - 31 August 2020 | On-line

e-Learning course on Intermediate-level e-learning Course on System of National Accounts (SNA): Integrated Transaction Accounts

20 - 24 January 2020 | Chiba, Japan

Regional Course on Supply and Use Tables

The main objective of this course was to develop the knowledge and skills of participants on the compilation and dissemination of supply and use tables. Supply and Use tables serve as the basis for compilation of a range of accounts such as regional accounts, environments accounts labour accounts, tourism accounts and are used to validate / improve estimates of GDP. In the present context, these are also used for measuring the effect of globalization, digitization and sustainable development including wellbeing. more details...

2 September - 4 October 2019 | On-line

Twelfth Basic-level e-learning Course on System of National Accounts (2008 SNA): Integrated Transaction Accounts