Population statistics

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Population Statistics.

With the ongoing round ofcensuses of population and housing, SIAP places a high priority on the related training needs. The training approach brings together producers and users to facilitate dialogue between the stakeholders on key issues on effective dissemination and use of census data. Focus areas include use of the 2010 round of population and housing census data for development planning and policy-making. thematic analyses, and the use of registers for producing population and social statistics. Upcoming priorities include dissemination of revised census recommendations, linking censuses of population and agriculture and applications of small-area estimation techniques.

14-18 October 2019 | Perak, Malaysia

Country Course on Population and Housing Censuses: International Recommendations and Use of Emerging Technologies and Methodologies

This country course aims to provide the latest developments in alternative methodologies, use of technology in census operations, review of revised international census recommendations and estimation of key demographic indicators in order to illustrate the effective use of census data in producing key official statistics.

Concept note

20 to 24 December 2015 | Male', Maldives

Research-based Training on Statistical Data Analysis (Focused on Getting Census 2014 Data Edited, Tabulated and Analysed) Phase 2: Thematic Analysis of Population and Housing Census Data; with focus on education

Phase 2: Guidelines and statistical methods for census thematic analysis (using census data from Maldives) [31 May - 4 June 2015 | Male', Maldives]

Research-Based Training Course on Statistical Data Analysis: Getting Census 2014 Data Edited, Tabulated and Analysed