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A screenshot of a presentation on Ukraine shipping

Advanced Data Visualization for Official Statistics and SDG Indicators, 03 - 28 July, 2023 

This course is an advanced course in data visualization, conceived as an extension to SIAP's facilitated course "Data Visualization for Official Statistics and SDG Indicators" conducted in 2021 and 2022 or, alternatively, to the self-paced course "Principles of Data Visualization for Official Statistics and SDG Indicators" available on SIAP's e-learning platform. This new course focuses on methods to produce high-quality graphics for monitoring and publishing official statistics and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) indicators... here


Screen shot of sand and dust storm risk assessment in Asia and the Pacific: evaluating potential hazards.

Disaster related statistics framework, 07 August - 15 September 2023  

During the past 2 months, SIAP hosted one regional and one national training course (Thailand) on disaster-related statistics. The trainings introduced concepts, definitions and methodologies for the compilation of disaster related statistics. Participants from national statistical office, national disaster management agencies and other institutions working on disaster risk reduction had an opportunity to learn more about good practices on data sharing and institutional mechanism in support of efficient and effect data collection and analysis.  



Webinar on compressing business indicators to social aspects of well-being and sustainability.

Compiling of indicators of business performance related to selected social aspects of well-being and sustainability, September 2023 

Businesses play a very important role toward sustainability and wellbeing. The UN Committee of Experts on Business and Trade Statistics (UN CEBTS) recognized the need to measure the role of businesses toward sustainability and wellbeing; and a dedicated task team under UN CEBTS identified a set of 18 reference indicators related to the measurement of the business sector's impact on well-being and sustainability... here






Upcoming Events


Regional training on Consumer Price Index 25-29 September, 2023

CPIs measure changes over time in the general level of prices of goods and services that households acquire (use or pay for) for the purpose of consumption. In many countries, they were originally introduced to provide a measure of the changes in the living costs faced by workers, so that wage increases could be related to changing levels of prices. However, over the years, CPIs have widened their scope and now are widely used as a macroeconomic indicator of




SIAP and GIST to host 2 webinar on issues related to e-learnings 27 - 28 September

SIAP in collaboration with the UN Global Network of Institutions for Statistical Training (GIST) will host a Webinar Series on Selected Topics on Management Aspects of Capacity Building 27 and 28 September 2023. This webinar series focuses on two important aspects of capacity building: effective delivery of online trainings, and certification of participants who complete courses. Those interest to join the webinars can register at the following link. A link to the meeting will be sent to registered participants by 25




Upcoming e-learning course on SEEA Ecosystem Accounting- 2 October -17 November

SIAP and UNSD are jointly hosting an e-learning course on SEEA Ecosystem Accounting, the latest international statistical standard adopted by the UN Statistical Commission, which provides the agreed upon methodology for compiling information on ecosystems. The modules of the course will be available in English, French and Spanish. All other course activities will take place in English. The course is free of charge and open to all. Please note that a virtual course on ecosystem accounting was last held in April




Subregional Training on Monitoring Financial Protection in Health (SDG 3.8.2 and related indicators), 23 - 26 October 2023


SIAP in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) will be hosting the Subregional Training on Monitoring Financial Protection in Health. This training is the initial step in a longer-term plan to enhance statistical capacity to continuously track financial protection in health using household survey date. The training will target a selection of Pacific Island Countries, and be conducted from 23 to 26 October in Chiba, Japan. More details can be found





In the spotlight


Theory and Practices in Official Statistics for Monitoring SDGs, 16 August - 2 December 2023

The Knowledge Co-Creation Program on Improving Capability in Producing Official Statistics for Monitoring the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals will be conducted jointly by the Government of Japan through Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the United Nations Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific (SIAP) to strengthen the capability of national statistical systems to produce statistics for monitoring and assessing progress in achieving sustainable development goals in developing countries.





Training Resource


SIAP E-learning System

SIAP offers a range of e-learning courses across the domains of social, environment and economic statistics; data science; and statistical principles and methodologies. These courses are facilitated and supported by an expert in the field to the participants through regular communication in discussion box and through webinar(s) during the period of course delivery. A certificate is issued to successful participants completing the course after passing the prescribed examination.



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