Fifteenth session of the Governing Council of SIAP

9 - 10 December 2019 | Chiba, Japan

Information for participantspdf
Provisional schedule of the meetingpdf
Annotated provisional agenda[ESCAP/SIAP/GC/2019/L.1]pdf
Matters arising from the fourteenth session of the Governing Council[ESCAP/SIAP/GC/2019/1]pdf
Report of the Director of the Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific[ESCAP/SIAP/GC/2019/2]pdf
2020–2024 strategic plan of the Institute:
    (a) Report on the Evaluation of the Statistical Institute for Asia and the Pacific[ESCAP/SIAP/GC/2019/3]pdf
      - Annex A Letter from Chair of GC for evaluation[Annex A to ESCAP/SIAP/GC/2019/3]pdf
      - Annex B Evaluation Report (2015 - 2019)[Annex B to ESCAP/SIAP/GC/2019/3]pdf
    (b) Draft 2020–2024 strategic plan of the Institute[ESCAP/SIAP/GC/2019/4]pdf
     - Annex A- Draft 2020–2024 strategic plan[Annex A to ESCAP/SIAP/GC/2019/4]pdf
      - Annex B- Letter from Vice Chair of GC for small working group[Annex B to ESCAP/SIAP/GC/2019/4]pdf
Events for the fiftieth anniversary of the Institute.[ESCAP/SIAP/GC/2019/5]pdf
Work programme and financial plan of the Institute for 2020[ESCAP/SIAP/GC/2019/6]pdf
Proposed dates of and venue for the sixteenth session of the Governing Council[ESCAP/SIAP/GC/2019/7]pdf